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We aim to help children, young people and adults, families and carers with short-term structured effective psychological treatments for a wide range of psychological problems. All interventions are carried out within the highest standard according to NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence). These interventions are undertaken by experienced clinical psychologists of NHS Consultant or Principal grade with expertise in the area of difficulty and age range of the client. 

We are open to new referrals if there is availability for appointments between 9.30am and 2pm only. We do not have other availability until November, 2022.

We also offer a range of reports for legal and other purposes based on assessment of psychological difficulties, functioning, and capacity.


Clinical psychologists have a psychology degree, work as an assistant psychologist and then undergo a three year clinical/research training to doctoral level.

Clinical psychologists are trained to draw on current research knowledge and national guidance and combine this with the individual’s presenting mental health, development and psychological functioning to determine the treatment or intervention most likely to have a lasting beneficial effect on symptoms and general well-being.

Following this analysis, a “formulation” of the difficulties being experienced is drawn up. This combines relevant factors from the client’s history and current state with psychological models and the latest research knowledge. From this a set of proposals for managing the problem/s or treatment plan is drawn up, discussed and agreed with the client. This forms the basis of treatment and, in this service, is always in compliance with NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidance. Treatment may, therefore, combine any therapeutic approaches which are indicated by the formulation.

For Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist follow the link:

Cambridge Clinical Psychology Services Limited

Registered in England – Company No: 8394785, Registered Office – 27 Coton Road, Grantchester, Cambridge, CB3 9NH