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  • post-traumatic stress disorder and adjustment disorders
  • depression

  • eating disorders

  • anxiety and phobias

  • grief, if delayed or complex

  • obsessive-compulsive disorders

  • problems of anger and temper control

  • management of difficult behaviour and habit disorders

  • parenting

  • occupational stress

  • children, teens and adults managing chronic or acute physical health or pain difficulties


  • psychological assessment
  • a wide range of psychological therapies/ interventions including:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (including adapted CBT for age and for developmental/life stage)

ACT, Compassionate Mind, Mindfulness, Mentalising, Schema-focused

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)

Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Systemic Family Therapy

Behavioural Family Therapy

Behaviour Therapy/Management

Narrative Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Pain Management

  • medico-legal assessment/report (adults and children) 
  • legal-education report

  • public law (only) assessment/report (children/ parenting)

  • specialist psychology services for Looked After and adopted children and their carers, families and support staff

  • a range of psychological treatments and therapies according to NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines

Please use contact form or phone for discussion/information prior to making appointment


An initial assessment appointment can take at least 1.5 hours and sometimes requires a second appointment. Treatment sessions are usually about 1 hour in duration though longer may be scheduled (though this would always be agreed in advance with the individual concerned) for particular types of treatment such as EMDR and trauma-focussed cognitive therapy.


It is helpful to provide date of birth, address, contact phone number, GP name/address, and details of any other organisations/ agencies involved in your care as this saves time during an appointment.

Once an appointment has been agreed, email contact details can be exchanged to facilitate this process.


It is helpful to have in advance any relevant reports from other consultations (especially a psychiatrist’s report, if available) and to consider whether contact with NHS professionals (especially GP or mental health professionals) involved in current or previous care can be consented to after discussion at the appointment. If glasses for reading are normally required, these should be brought to the appointment as questionnaires may be administered.


All main health insurers (except AXA PPP and BUPA) can be accommodated providing membership number and claim numbers are provided and the referral criteria required by an individual insurer have been met (which is the responsibility of the policy holder). If you are self-funding, you should get a clear idea of the number of appointments required to treat the difficulties at the initial assessment appointment and pay as you go (i.e. at each appointment).

Data Information

Your healthcare record:

As healthcare professionals, we are required to keep any medical data for up to 7 years after your last appointment or up to 7 years after your 18 birthday. Notes are then destroyed by incineration. Information both during and following treatment can only be accessed by clinical psychologists involved in your care (or at your request).

You are able to have access to the full file subject to a data request (triggering withdrawal of the notes from secure storage) and review of notes by your clinical psychologist to remove any third party information.


As is standard for all companies, we keep limited data within our Xero system software for the purposes of managing payment either directly or via insurance. This information consists of client name, payees email address/ insurer and billing history. This is for the purpose of billing and payment only (and answering client questions about billing and payment) and the record is retained within the software archive for 7 financial years for legitimate purpose of HMRC requiring a further check of our audited accounts and then deleted in full. 

At CCPS Ltd, we always respect your personal information and comply with all data protection laws including GDPR 

Cambridge Clinical Psychology Services Limited

Registered in England – Company No: 8394785, Registered Office – 27 Coton Road, Grantchester, Cambridge, CB3 9NH